H-9-Islamabad Branch

AlhamdoliAllah a new branch of OSCS has been established in Islamabad in collaboration with National Child Protection Center (NCPC). 

There are currently 85 regular students (girls and boys) all coming from extremely poor homes and mostly broken families. NCPC buses pick these children from different slum areas near Islamabad and bring them to the center where OSCS school staff is responsible for giving them quality education.


Four  rooms in NCPC building have been allocated to OSCS that have been white washed and decorated by our staff. Children are showing keen interest in studies and happily come to school regularly. Most of the children show 100% punctuality. OSCS is providing books and stationary, along with covering all teaching expenses. Two meals are provided daily to these children keeping in view the conditions they face at home.

  An extensive teachers training workshop was arranged for the new staff members of this branch to give them an insight towards the administrative and academic working of OSC School.

We hope and pray that Allah helps us change the condition of these children and their families by giving them a positive direction and strong base in primary education. We also plan to support them financially for secondary and higher education

May Allah reward you for the immense support you have given to our mission by practically becoming supporters of Allah.

Note: OSCS' I-8 and H-8 branch has been merged with H-9 Branch.

For donation please use.
Account number: 03040101736462
Meezan Bank
F-10 Markaz Islamabad, Pakistan
Thanks & JazakAllah
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 Sponsor a Child @ Rs. 1000 for Education + Rs. 1000 for Lunch per month     Fill up the sponsorship form and send us via email or post (Includes all expences i.e. Books, Tuition, and Uniform)

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